We have arrived in Kiev!

And we have Kharkiv in our sights!

After a day of driving on Ukraine’s crazy highways in 35 degree heat and soliciting the constant attention of the Traffic Police, we are in Kiev.

We avoided any fines from the police this year – possibly because of our all female driving team – and also avoided most cavernous pot-holes, stray animals and kamikaze truckers,so we feel ready to travel even further East tomorrow. (Kharkiv is as far east as Moscow)

Tonight all 7 of us are being spoilt by the annual and unfailing hospitality of Anna & family in Kiev. They have stuffed us with delicious food and fruits from their garden and now we are collapsing into beds dotted all over their house.

Tomorrow night we will be in our “wooden house in the forest” in a small village east of Kharkiv and the day after we will start work with the local children on their ‘Eco project’.

More news will follow when we are back in the land of wifi!

Over and out from Team FYP ( :

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