Ukraine Prep

I have such a crazy amount of things to do this week – we leave for the Ukraine on Monday(!!) – so I have no time to explain our mission in detail but I thought I would give you three images relating to three of the projects we will be participating in in the next 6 weeks…… later I hope to elaborate. Big Love, FYP
We cannot wait to see the faces of the orphans at Kalinovka when we arrive once again to show them the love and give them the attention that they so crave but never receive.  

For all those that saw the documentary “Ukraine’s Forgotten Children” you will know how important it is to support the adults with disabilities stuck in the state institutions in Ukraine. We will be visiting them and working with them on projects also. During our time there the trees in this photo will be strung with our huge length of Love Bunting made by our fabulous participants in the Bunting Project (see below). 
But, before all that we will be helping the kids in a remote village near Kharkov change their world for the better with an eco project that is a small model for great change across Ukraine. They will reverse the trend of dumping rubbish in the local woods and rivers by educating other villagers and setting up recycling points. These poor village children work tirelessly to save their environment and we will go and help them!

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