Ukraine prep

As there will be no major FYP news until the long journey this summer I thought I would post some of the elements of our preparation for the 5 week trip. (Later on I will post news of the 4 projects we are creating/continuing with when we get there).

Here are some gorgeous old maps of Russia and Kiev I found whilst trying to finding a decent map of Ukraine. Totally useless to us but beautiful! Still looking for map…..

For most of the trip we will be staying with the incredibly hospitable Ukrainians but occasionally I have to book a hotel to keep us all together to plan our day ahead thus avoiding the random (if charming) tangents we end up on staying in different Ukrainian homes all over town.

Ignoring the first 10 pages that come up on Google of ‘hotel booking’ sites you can finally get away from the slick modern hotels and find the real deal like the one below…. for atmosphere, give me an ex-communist concrete block anytime!

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