Ukraine 2013

This year was very exciting for Clare (FYP co-founder) as she was able to join us on our annual visit to Kalinovka Orphanage in Ukraine. We did not take the bus this year because after visiting Kalinovka, Graham and I were to go on a reconnaissance mission visiting rehabilitation centers for young offenders in order to choose one suitable for us to support.

Clare, Simon, Graham and I flew to Kiev and then took the overnight train to Zap where delegates from Happy Child Ukraine who took us by car the last 2 hours to Kalinovka.

Clare witnessed the near-miraculous change in the children now calling the Happy House (which FYP helped fund) their home. They function as much like a family unit as possible now and all of them are happy, smiling and learning – what an achievement!!

The second Happy House (below) is also now nearly built and will home another 6 lucky children before Christmas.