Trouble in Ukraine

We just wanted to re-assure you that our work in Ukraine carries on despite the troubles there. In fact the vulnerable people we look after need our help more than ever as their government divert funds to deal with the unrest.

Our teacher carries on with her daily classes at Kalinovka Orphanage making sure the people there continue to receive their first taste of education / interaction. She continues to send back wonderful weekly reports of her progress with quotes such as:

“Vsevolod Karpov loves drawing on the note pad sheets, does not play with toys, is interested in pencils – rolls them in his hands”.


“Artem Karulya responds to the toys now and can play with them before lunch. No need to restrain his arms now”.

Thanks to the incredible generosity of those already signed up for monthly standing orders to FYP and those that signed up at the fundraiser we can now secure Natasha’s wages and the 40 vulnerable people’s education for the near future!


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