SAVE THE NEW DATE! 4th June 2013

There is no soul-food like having fun whilst helping others – come to our fundraiser and feel the love!

Follow this link to our Fundraiser page for more info :

Fundraiser Banner
The date of our fundraiser has been changed in order that our nearest and dearest supporters are all able to attend. Many of you expressed great disappointment in not being able to attend the weekend of the 27th April and so we decided to postpone the event until 4th June, a weekday night.

We at FYP are happy to welcome new supporters into our fold but also hold dear all those that have supported us in the past and although our annual fundraiser must raise funds, it is also a time where those that have supported us over the last two years can hear directly about the wonderful things their kind donations have helped us achieve. Its also a time for us all to come together and have some fun!
We deeply regret that some of you may not be able to attend due to the date change but hope you understand our motives. The decision was not taken lightly.
Huge Love,
Vinca & Clare and all those at FYP.

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