70 mile Costumed Walk

2009 “Unclogging the Ancient Arteries of Britain”
70 mile costumed, sponsored walk along the South Downs Way

This was the first fundraising event for FYP. With no resources for fundraising and without the FYP name established we decided to let our feet do the talking and set off on a 70 mile walk along the South Downs Way. We were dressed in red, like blood flowing down the ancient arterial route.

I did the walk in 5 days and was joined by various people along the way participating to the best of their ability. Of particular note was Vanessa Morgan who has a spinal disability yet undertook a walk from her parked car to our camp one night – a cross country walk of nearly a mile – the hardest walk she had undertaken for 20 years.

We raised £1200 for FYP.

Vinca Petersen (FYP Founder)