Life Archive

The men in Kalinovka whom we support through our Ukraine Project have no contact with the outside world. They never leave the institution during their lives and when they die they are buried in the cemetery at the top of the hill. Many of the crosses in the cemetery are made of wood and the names on them have faded.

These men live hidden away and when they die the only trace of their lives are their medical records, birth certificate and death certificate.

Vinca Petersen (co-founder of FYP) is a multi-media artist working often within her own archive of photographs. Whilst working with the men at Kalinovka Petersen decided the men should have an archive and has started to create a record of these men’s lives. Photos of them, pieces of their artwork, scribbles they make and information about what they like and don’t like.

Petersen is due to visit the project again this year and will oversee the construction of a storage space which will contain a drawer for each man with his name on it in which his life archive will build up.

Petersen and FYP have made a commitment to support these men for the rest of their lives.