Bus Gallery

In order that the FYP bus did not lie idle until its next journey each year we temporarily convert it into the Bus Gallery, a mobile exhibition space. The first FYP Bus Gallery exhibition featured photographs taken by FYP volunteers on their journeys with FYP.

The walls of the bus were lined with black boards (inspired by the artist Joseph Beuys’ blackboard pieces) and chalk was provided for visitors to draw pictures or write comments.

2012 Bus Gallery @ Lounge on the Farm (Canterbury)
The Bus Gallery participated with The Copper Kettle tea tent to create a thoughtful, thirst quenching experience for festival goers. FYP’s youngest fundraiser Archie made FYP badges out of wood for the volunteers and collected donations from gallery visitors and passers by.

Margate Photo Festival 2012
Invited by Mark Dumbrell to participate in the second Margate Photo Festival the Bus Gallery was parked on Margate seafront showing the FYP exhibition of photos from our stays at Kalinovka orphanage and the journey there.

2012 Bus Gallery @ Firefly Fiesta (Ramsgate)
A last minute edition to this event the Bus Gallery not only entertained fiesta goers but gave them somewhere to shelter from the driving rain!

2012 Bus Gallery @ End of the Road Festival (Devon)
Invited by Rachel Newsome to participate in the Wonderlands children’s area at this festival the Bus Gallery was dubbed the Travellers Hope and played host to many children during the three days it was open showing the same exhibition of photos of Kalinovka and the journey there.

The blackboard walls of the gallery were of particular interest to the children.

Archie’s fundraising skills had been honed to perfection by this point and he collected over £100 in donations for FYP from Bus Gallery visitors. He also helped rescue and comfort a group of children we brought onto the bus after a swarming wasp attack. He gave them FYP lollipops to soothe them.