2010 ArtNurse+ @ Arles Photo Festival

The debut appearance of ArtNurse+, FYP’s most artistic and stylish fundraiser. ArtNurse+ (complete with NHS nurse’s uniform and other medical paraphernalia) covered the rather staid Arles Photo Festival with gold glitter and smiles. She also sold FYP postcards and good cheer to generate donations for FYP and by day three her dripping green cross logo becoming synonymous with fun and frolics.

ArtNurse+ is here to cure the art world of over seriousness!

2010 ArtNurse+ @ Brighton Photo Fringe

ArtNurse+ appeared at Jason Evan’s group show in which photographs by Vinca Petersen, her most fervent admirer, were exhibited. Once more selling cards for donations to FYP and stickering her dripping green cross logo everywhere.

2010 ArtNurse+ @ Paris Photo

The triumph of ArtNurse+’s visit Paris Photo was an invite to the Palais Royal exhibition during which she stickered most of the (dark clothed) crowd and lowered the haughty tone to a jovial one by selling FYP post cards and generally livening things up.

By day two of Paris Photo word of ArtNurse+ had spread and she was constantly asked when her ‘performance’ was to begin. Some of her keen audience heard it was ‘about to start’ and others that it had ‘just finished’; accounts of the event itself have been hard to pin down.