Out-of-this-world auction and raffle!

For all those lucky enough to be attending our fun-raiser on the 4th of June here is a taste of what is going to be up for grabs at our auction & raffle….. oh boy, some of these are truly PRICELESS!

After winning a stay in an unbelievably gorgeous villa on that stunning, irrepressible isle, IBIZA…. (http://www.internationalvillas.net/ibiza-villas/can-bikini). Why not bid on Joseph Trivelli, Head Chef of River Cottage Cafe to cook a meal in your own home for your return?

Or if you feel like a getaway nearer to home just grab the super-fly Chloë bag…… (perfect to carry the signed pointe ballet shoes from the Royal Ballet’s Prima Ballerina Sarah Lamb) and head out with seven friends to celebrate at the table for 8 at the infamous Box Nightclub Soho washed down with a complimentary bottle of their Champagne + a bottle of vodka.

But what to wear? How about a fabulous dress from the über cool Emily&Fin and when the night is over and you feel like some down-time scoot off to the hidaway cottage for two in the Cotswolds? or perhaps you prefer the house on the Helford river, Falmouth? or even the chalet in the Alps?

And whilst you are there you can wander into the woods and sit for one of Sebastian Edge’s unique photographic portraits, captured by his collodion wet-plate camera, (last used to photograph Radiohead for their album cover). Of course, to hang next to that on your living room wall you would be super-lucky to bid on and win the framed & signed print by the fashion & film darling, Elaine Constantine.

But if that all sounds two reserved just make sure you get the wildly sexy nipple tassels, head down to the Electro Swing night to dance the night away then after a nights sleep use the pair of VIP tickets to LOVEBOX to go and hang out with some super-talented musicians & gorgeous drag-queens for the day….and if that isn’t left-field enough, you never know, you might even end up on a plane to Kiev to take part in the tailor-made Ukraine experience with Ivan Kutzio who will show you Kiev as no tourist will ever normally see it and follow it all up with a trip to the orphanage we support to show you the gorgeous people we support out there!


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