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27th April 2012

(No, I have no excuses for not posting all our wonderful news for over a month, a part from writing a dissertation! Now that’s over here goes….  : )

Film Premiere…
On 14th March Dan Edelstyn invited FYP and 100 of our friends to his beautiful film premiere. What a night! Afterwards everyone kept saying how much fun the night was and how, for some intangible reason, it felt magical. And I can vouch for that….. We also raised funds for a new project helping children in an orphanage near the village featured in his film. This summer we will do a reconnaissance mission and report back as to how this project will proceed.
Fundraiser 2012…
 On 20th March all our lucky stars must have been shining bright as an amazing crowd of volunteers and supporters came together in Conway Hall for an hilarious night of fun and fundraising for our FUNDRAISER 2012. I was blown away but the level of commitment from all those helping out and the heart-warming support from our crowd of guests. 
More than one tear of joy was shed that night – by me and others – as auction prizes went for huge amounts. The most incredible of all was one of the little Silver Birch bead trees made by the kids with special needs at Kalinovka Orphanage. The bid went to an eye-watering £1600 and then afterwards a very emotionally charged and generous character handed me a cheque for £1000 for ‘the idea’ of the tree. 
The whole event was done on a shoe string – everyone that is part of FYP understands our principles and knows not to expect a slick night but a night FULL OF SOUL. Clare dubbed it our “Ukrainian School Disco”!
So a MASSIVE thank you to you all…..WE RAISED OVER 11K PROFIT !!!
More photos of the night are on our FYP facebook page: 
Now I am busy planning the summer during which volunteers are minibus-ing, flying and train-ing out to Ukraine to help with our projects with the orphans there.
We are particularly excited to have members of Inspiration Inclusive Theatre with us and two people from the Youth Empowerment Scheme that works with troubled UK teenagers. What a summer this will be!!

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