Natasha’s Class

Since November 2013 FYP have been sponsoring an ‘educator’ at Kalinovka Orphanage – she is called Natasha.

Natasha has been working with 42 students encouraging them to play games, make things, write, draw, speak, sing and smile. These people have spent their whole lives at Kalinovka (some since they were 4 years old) with NOTHING to do. Most sat and rocked in empty rooms their minds all but shut down with utter boredom.

Now they have Natasha and they are slowly coming out of their shells and showing the world they can smile, interact and above all ENJOY LIFE, something denied them for all these years.

A huge “WELL DONE” to Natasha, our co-ordinator Mariya an all of you who donated to us over the last few years for making this happen!

Here is Natasha’s Class in action:

And some wonderful films!! :

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