Fundraiser 2014

WOW, that was the best fundraiser by FAR!

Amazing atmosphere and incredible acts! That has set a level which we will not have to aim for every year – the future is bright! And glittery! And such such fun!

PLUS we raised nearly 9k!

But most importantly we raised over £200 of monthly donations which will secure the wage of our educator in Kalinovka who is changing the lives of the people there. We can all sleep a little easier…

Here are our amazing guests, acts and supporters enjoying the event…IMG_7423 copy 2

Leila Holmes ^

IMG_7462 copy 2Dj Syphilitta & Roller Girl

IMG_7482 copy 2

Alex Shuck’s amazing cakes, made by her cake fairies.

IMG_7490 copy 2

IMG_7504 copy 2


IMG_7518 copy 2 IMG_7523 copy 2 IMG_7537 copy 2 IMG_7551 copy 2  IMG_7570 copy 2

Lou De Ville Morel’s stunning flower arrangements.


IMG_7599 copy 2

Sheila Simmonds hugs Vinca

IMG_7613 copy 2

Addison of Criterion Auctioneers firing on all 10 cylinders!

IMG_7641 copy 2

IMG_7432 copy

IMG_7677 copy 2


IMG_7681 copy 2   IMG_7686 copy 2 IMG_7718 copy 2 IMG_7720 copy 2


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