Charity Challenges 2014 !

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This year FYP is teaming up with the Kent & Medway Charity Team to provide three physical challenges that FYP supporters can get involved in. I am going to try to do all three!! Please do join me if you can.

These events are strictly for people with a great sense of humour, fitness level is unimportant. In fact, the less fit we are, the funnier it will be for those watching… our main aim will be to survive. There is a rumour going round of fancy dress for the FYP teams…you have been warned!


ps. If you feel like staying at home and putting your feet up instead please pay me generously to do the events for you. You can start here on my JustGiving page. Thanks… I think.

Details of the challenges :

1 – Abseil in Folkestone. This event is on 15th June 2014. To enter the event go to the KM Charity Team page through the link here. Be sure to select Future Youth Project from their list of charities when you book and book the 12noon slot to descend with me.

2 – Dragon Boat Race, Maidstone. This event is on the 6th July 2014 and is also a free family day out. To join our team contact me :

3 – Assault Course, Fowlmead near Deal. This event is on 4th October 2014. To join our team email me :




FYP team up with Porchlight to create photography exhibition.

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On Monday FYP volunteers & members joined people from Porchlight – a charity supporting vulnerable and homeless people in Kent – for a photography walk from Ramsgate to Broadstairs, to take photos for the next FYP Bus Gallery exhibition.

The exhibition On A Day Trip will be shown in the Bus Gallery at the Ramsgate Front Festival on 24th, 25th & 26th May. Come along and take a look!IMG_6564


Trouble in Ukraine

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We just wanted to re-assure you that our work in Ukraine carries on despite the troubles there. In fact the vulnerable people we look after need our help more than ever as their government divert funds to deal with the unrest.

Our teacher carries on with her daily classes at Kalinovka Orphanage making sure the people there continue to receive their first taste of education / interaction. She continues to send back wonderful weekly reports of her progress with quotes such as:

“Vsevolod Karpov loves drawing on the note pad sheets, does not play with toys, is interested in pencils – rolls them in his hands”.


“Artem Karulya responds to the toys now and can play with them before lunch. No need to restrain his arms now”.

Thanks to the incredible generosity of those already signed up for monthly standing orders to FYP and those that signed up at the fundraiser we can now secure Natasha’s wages and the 40 vulnerable people’s education for the near future!


Fundraiser 2014

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WOW, that was the best fundraiser by FAR!

Amazing atmosphere and incredible acts! That has set a level which we will not have to aim for every year – the future is bright! And glittery! And such such fun!

PLUS we raised nearly 9k!

But most importantly we raised over £200 of monthly donations which will secure the wage of our educator in Kalinovka who is changing the lives of the people there. We can all sleep a little easier…

Here are our amazing guests, acts and supporters enjoying the event…IMG_7423 copy 2

Leila Holmes ^

IMG_7462 copy 2Dj Syphilitta & Roller Girl

IMG_7482 copy 2

Alex Shuck’s amazing cakes, made by her cake fairies.

IMG_7490 copy 2

IMG_7504 copy 2


IMG_7518 copy 2 IMG_7523 copy 2 IMG_7537 copy 2 IMG_7551 copy 2  IMG_7570 copy 2

Lou De Ville Morel’s stunning flower arrangements.


IMG_7599 copy 2

Sheila Simmonds hugs Vinca

IMG_7613 copy 2

Addison of Criterion Auctioneers firing on all 10 cylinders!

IMG_7641 copy 2

IMG_7432 copy

IMG_7677 copy 2


IMG_7681 copy 2   IMG_7686 copy 2 IMG_7718 copy 2 IMG_7720 copy 2


Natasha’s Class

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Since November 2013 FYP have been sponsoring an ‘educator’ at Kalinovka Orphanage – she is called Natasha.

Natasha has been working with 42 students encouraging them to play games, make things, write, draw, speak, sing and smile. These people have spent their whole lives at Kalinovka (some since they were 4 years old) with NOTHING to do. Most sat and rocked in empty rooms their minds all but shut down with utter boredom.

Now they have Natasha and they are slowly coming out of their shells and showing the world they can smile, interact and above all ENJOY LIFE, something denied them for all these years.

A huge “WELL DONE” to Natasha, our co-ordinator Mariya an all of you who donated to us over the last few years for making this happen!

Here is Natasha’s Class in action:

And some wonderful films!! :

An exciting week….

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What an exciting week it has been!

First of all I visited our venue for this year’s fundraiser and its GORGEOUS. I am thrilled to be able to host our 4th night of humanitarian generosity and fun at Bush Hall.

Secondly, three of us had an amazing meeting with a representative from the David Lynch Foundation UK and are in discussions as to the form of a joint project…. more on that later.

Thirdly, I have been talking with a couple about to travel overland to Cape Town who want to help FYP on the way. This idea is at very early stages but we have a joint desire to provide a classroom for our educator at Kalinovka to teach in. Very exciting! I will post more on this as and when it is confirmed and post a link to their amazing blog.

Lastly, a very generous soul called Jay has stepped up and offered to renovate the FYP bus and make it an even more brilliant vehicle to take our volunteers/members on their long journey to Kalinovka, Ukraine, this summer.