Amazing conversations with the Youth Empowerment (YES) team

Been having amazing conversations with the Youth Empowerment (YES) team. They try to change the lives of young offenders by giving them a clear vision of choices they have in life other than offending. They are respected by, and inspiring to the young people they work with.

I witnessed a Youth Empowerment session with some very angry young lads who had clearly been let down by most of the adults in their lives. The session brought them out of themselves and got them talking…. the first step.

What most of these kids need are strong role models in the community who gain and deserve their respect. The reality is that people like that are few and far between and more often than not they are not within the reach of these youngsters.

YES are going to start working with FYP on a project to take a group of young offenders to Ukraine next year. This year the team leaders will join us in Kalinovka Orphanage to witness the work we do there. This is seriously exciting as it signifies the last link in the chain that FYP started to set up two years ago:

We have our Ukrainian projects up and running; we have the FYP bus ready to drive our volunteers out to our projects; and now we are in sight of having UK kids that need our help on board too!

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