About FYP

Future Youth Project (FYP) takes people on physical and emotional journeys.

We are based in Thanet, East Kent. Thanet currently ranks as the UK’s 49th most deprived area out of 326 authorities.

We engage with people in Kent and all over the world who wish to not only improve their lives but also support others in need. We do this but creating fun but meaningful and productive events, projects and workshops. Through participating in positive activities and fundraising projects we enable people (often those on the receiving end of services themselves) to enjoy helping others and rebuilding connections within communities.

FYP works through projects that can act as small models for great change. We grow through our connections with others while remaining small ourselves. We are always interested to hear from groups or individuals that wish to work with us.



We have many supporters and partners in the local and wider community, here are some of the generous organisations that help FYP :

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