About FYP

Future Youth Project (FYP) takes people on physical and emotional journeys.

Over the last 10 years we have taken volunteers to visit orphanages (for both children and disabled adults) and collaborated with them on creative projects. Often these trips are aboard our FYP bus and the volunteers in some cases have never had the chance to volunteer before, or in other cases never been abroad before.

In one state-run institution for men and boys with disabilities, in a remote part of South Eastern Ukraine we witnessed particular need. So, in “Kalinovka”, we set up a classroom with activities for all the men and boys. Previously they had no facilities for learning and developing and had simply spent all hours of their days with nothing to do which had led to institutionalised behaviours such as rocking, self-harming and bullying. Our ‘educator’ taught the men and boys to sew, sing, play and in some cases read and write which changed the atmosphere from one of fear and neglect to a much happier one.

In 2019 Kalinvoka was suddenly closed, sending the men to 5 different far-flung institutions, breaking long-term friendships (most have no family) and causing huge distress. We have spent the last year tracking down the men and boys and are in the process of developing a project which will see a mobile art-therapist set up class rooms in each of the institutions and help the men with their creativity and learning once again.

Our work in Ukraine is supported by the local charity Happy Child Ukraine whom we work closely with.

We also support the Kent Film Foundation working with young people locally here in Ramsgate on a wide variety of creative projects.