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Progress of new Carer at Kalinovka

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The new carer started working with our 47 boys and men in the Autumn. Her name is Sophia and both Clare and I have met her, myself several times. She is just lovely; always laughing and joking, kind and attentive to her pupils. She is just one of ‘those’ people that seems to have abounding energy and always able to see the funny side. In our opinion a perfect Teacher/Mentor/Friend for our men & boys.

We enjoy so much to read her monthly reports which contain the names of the men, how many hours they have spent in class and a summary of their activities. Here is a direct translation of the report for Igor:

Maramygin Igor
46 hours
Football, crafts, paper, gofrobumagi, checkers, writing in a notebook, the study of the New Year poems and crafts out of paper for the new year

Here is a picture of Sophia with the men and further pictures of their activities;

Sophia Shostak



Thank you for your continued support with this class which would not exist without FYP donations and your standing orders!