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Educator at work at Kalinovka Institute

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Thanks to funds raised at the last fundraiser we have been able to employ an ‘educator’ to the vulnerable people we support at Kalinovka State Orphanage.

Natasha Prodanova now divides her days between 40 vulnerable people at Kalinovka, giving each of them some time to escape the monotony of their unchanging world for a short while.

The positive attention that Natasha gives each person is, for most of them, the first constructive interaction with an adult that they have had since entering the state institute system. Many arrived as children of 4 years old.

These people have be labelled anything from “idiots” to “imbeciles” and those working with them have always assumed they were “uneducable” and as a result they have been left to rock and self-harm away the hours of their lives and are expected to stay in Kalinovka with nothing to look forward to, or even do, until they die.

Now, thanks to support from you, FYP can show the world these people are individuals with individual needs and abilities, and give each of them activities and tasks to achieve, of which they (and us!) can be proud.

Thank you all.

Some footage of the FYP classroom:

Some of the students: