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The Gentlemen of Kalinovka – A little preview of the portraits I took of the wonderful people that we are trying to help at Kalinovka Institute, Ukraine.

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Having been to Kalinovka for 4 years in a row now, I hope these men are now my friends. I cannot describe them as a whole – they are each more individual than most people I meet in my day to day life. They are all extraordinary and yet all discounted as worthless and left to waste away at the remote institute they call home.

FYP are on a mission to help them – as usual FYP is trying to help where others might not venture – adult men with disabilities are not top of most peoples list when it comes to deciding where to give their charitable donations – but with the help of the amazing supporters that have given us the chance to prove we can successfully support even those at the very fringes of society, we will help them.



Kalinovka20130004 Kalinovka20130002 Kalinovka20130001 Kalinovka2013 Kalinovka20130005



Ukraine 2013

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This year was very exciting for Clare (FYP co-founder) as she was able to join us on our annual visit to Kalinovka Orphanage in Ukraine. We did not take the bus this year because after visiting Kalinovka, Graham and I were to go on a reconnaissance mission visiting rehabilitation centers for young offenders in order to choose one suitable for us to support.

Clare, Simon, Graham and I flew to Kiev and then took the overnight train to Zap where delegates from Happy Child Ukraine who took us by car the last 2 hours to Kalinovka.