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Calling all crafty people!

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FYP needs you!

I have been thinking of ways to brighten up the main garden at Kalinovka Orphanage and spotted my neighbours bunting. By my reckoning it has been up in their garden for about 5 years and still looks good, so our next project is to make a giant strip of bunting for the young people at Kalinovka!

They are shut in overcrowded rooms all winter but are allowed out to wander around the garden in the summer, so lets make it more interesting for them. The young people there will see the effort made by people ‘far away’ and it will give them a boost. I have been told by their carers that these small gestures mean a huge amount to the mental wellbeing of someone starved of love and attention all their lives.

If we each make a length of bunting and tie them together, the team visiting Kalinovka this summer can put them up in August.

To ‘stretch the bunting love’ all the way back to the UK, we will also make a second length of bunting which will be displayed at FYP events over here. We will be reminded of the young people stuck in Kalinovka as we, and others, gaze at the same bunting they are gazing at.

Anyone who would like to participate in the FYP Bunting Project please email me for further instructions :

But hurry! The FYP bus leaves for Ukraine in 9 weeks!

The garden at Kalinovka, ripe for bunting!!

Margate Photo Festival

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Mark Dumbrell, creator of Margate Photo Festival and supporter of FYP from the beginning, has started something….

 …and its developing into much more than a festival. Think network of socially-active visionaries (like the FYP crew!) and then let your imagination build a new future…. a socially-engaged future.

Above is photo of Zoe FYP, face painting one of the orphans in Ukraine….

Follow the link to Margate Photo Fest fb page to see an image of a photo of mine… 

 FYP is everywhere…. ( :

Plants for Kalinovka Orphanage

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Direct action! FYP sent money for plants to Kalinovka Orphanage a few weeks ago and they sent us these photos of the carers and orphans planting them last week. Can’t get much more efficient than that.

Donation used : £50.00  + approx £3 to send money.
Admin cost : £ 0
Wages paid : £ 0
Joy : £ unquantifiable

(you can make comments below)

Future Youth Project seems to touch the hearts and souls of all the best people….

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Future Youth Project seems to touch the hearts and souls of all the best people….

Jason Evans the photographer and all round lovely man has put his limited edition publication Sunday Supplement up for grabs through Antenna Books and all proceeds go to FYP. How good is that??

Thanks to Alex Rich too!

Amazing conversations with the Youth Empowerment (YES) team

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Been having amazing conversations with the Youth Empowerment (YES) team. They try to change the lives of young offenders by giving them a clear vision of choices they have in life other than offending. They are respected by, and inspiring to the young people they work with.

I witnessed a Youth Empowerment session with some very angry young lads who had clearly been let down by most of the adults in their lives. The session brought them out of themselves and got them talking…. the first step.

What most of these kids need are strong role models in the community who gain and deserve their respect. The reality is that people like that are few and far between and more often than not they are not within the reach of these youngsters.

YES are going to start working with FYP on a project to take a group of young offenders to Ukraine next year. This year the team leaders will join us in Kalinovka Orphanage to witness the work we do there. This is seriously exciting as it signifies the last link in the chain that FYP started to set up two years ago:

We have our Ukrainian projects up and running; we have the FYP bus ready to drive our volunteers out to our projects; and now we are in sight of having UK kids that need our help on board too!